The artist

Its more than a decade that I’m involved in Ceramic Art. I started ceramics classes in Live Cities, a non profit organization in Athens and continued with a plethora of seminars and workshops along side with a lot of experiments and studies from the international bibliography.

Starting from 2017, my artwork is exhibitited every year in the annual Ceramics Art Exhibition in Athens.

I teach handbuilding and wheel throwing and run workshops in alternative firings (raku, naked raku, saggar, obvara etc), as well as advanced techniques.

From 2019 I share my living between Athens and Corfu, where I created a second ceramics studio with a gas fired kiln.

I love contemporary ceramics forms as well as I love traditional techniques from around the world. I love and work in technology too, I play and write music with my synthesizers, I run as president and CEO a non profit organization for culture, and I dream and act for a better world.

With all above in my head, its inevitable for my works in ceramics to be mostly conceptual. In addition, as a Greek, I try to include a touch of ancient or modern Greece, both in my sculptures and in my utilitarian ceramics.

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