Ceramics workshops and courses

Workshops and courses for beginners and advanced. A beautiful journey of creation and knowledge in ceramics art.

In English language.

Workshops and Seminars!
During the year, workshops and seminars are organized for beginners, tourists and advanced. We mention indicative specialized techniques, firing at high temperatures, wheel throwing personal lessons, technology of ceramic materials, history of art and technology of ceramics, alternative firing (raku, naked raku, copper matt, obvara, saggar, primitive firing, special glazing) etc.

Through the projects that you will implement, you will get to know the clay starting with pinching, and you will continue constructions with coiling, prints, slabs, molds and a sphere. You will make the basic ceramic forms, useful or decorative objects, tiles, etc., each time with a different technique. You will learn to use different clays, to decorate your constructions with inset elements or engravings, to paint with engobes and use glazes, oxides and stains. At the end of the year, the goal is to create your own projects with ready-made materials from the trade.

– For each project there is a presentation in powerpoint (theory, images, videos with techniques, art history, famous pottery works).
– The works are decorated and fired in our studio where the required equipment exists (raw materials, dyes, ovens, etc.).
– Upon completion of the basic course, a certificate of attendance is issued.

Art never ends .. Open Studio for advanced!
Those who have attended the beginner courses, can bring to life their ideas with the guidance of the teacher and evolve, experiment and create more complicated and valuable projects.

Registrations - Information: 
Gregory Saitas 6945902504
Ask questions within the form included in 'Contact' page
Beginners , Open Studio (advanced) | 90 € / month
(The cost of the materials and the firing are included in the price)