Sculpture on pottery wheel

‘Unerthed’ series: Dig Deep

Seem to be discoverd from the archaeological hoe.

Civilization type 0

Human civilization, is Type 0. Draws its energy mainly from dead plants (oil, coal) or gases, and destroys his planet. In case he does not self-destruct, it is estimated that in 100-200 years he will move to a Type 1 civilization.

‘Hello World’

From the first computer in the world, the antikythera mechanism, to todays digital era.


A strong relation with the user

RAKU firing ceramics sessions in North Corfu

JUL – SEP 2024

Every evening 17:30 – 20:30 Cost: 60 – 100 euro per person, depends on selected item.

A raku firing workshop is a unique experience to create an impressive ceramic art piece in Corfu and get it with you.
Select a pot or sculpture you like from a variety of unglazed ceramic pieces, and get ready for glazing and raku firing.
You will learn how to decorate your piece with crackle and/or copper metallic glazes, create unique textures and eye catching colors.
You will get detailed instructions and you will learn glazing techniques, about this art and the raku firing method.

The breathtaking moment is the raku firing. We will put a few pieces in the raku kiln and fire it with gas for 40 minutes. When the temperature reach 1000C, we will open the kiln, pull out the hot pieces and put them in metallic garbage cans with sawdust to create a reduction enviroment that is needed for our spectacular colors and black smoke.
After cooling in 45 minutes, you will clean your piece to reveal the colors. You will be amazed from the results and be proud for the piece of art you have created.

Glazing and firing will take place in my studio. A large yard behind, and a veranda is perfect for the raku firing. My studio is located to the road for Zoodochos Pigi church, in Kavalouri.

Last session Sep 20 2024
Call Gregory Saitas +30 6945902504 or
email gregory.saitas@gmail.com or

Racu firing

Classes for beginners and advanced in handbuilding and throwing in pottery wheel. A beautiful journey of creation and knowledge in ceramics art.

In Athens. Soon in Corfu too

Learn to use clay, this primitive material and give it the shape you want by knowing the forms, the decoration, the types of colors and specialized techniques. Our global and deep knowledge, the innovative method and the complete equipment, enable us to offer to you the best that exists today in the international world of Ceramic Art.

The lessons are addressed to all adults who want to acquire a complete knowledge of Ceramic Art, so that within a reasonable time can create their own original works, but also to painters who want to expand their creative horizon with three-dimensional works. The courses can be attended by those who want to work as amateurs, but also to people who want to take ceramic art seriously.

Registrations - Information: 
Gregory Saitas 6945902504
Ask questions within the form included in 'Contact' page
Beginners, Open Studio (advanced) | 100 € / month
(The cost of the materials and the firing are included in the price)


The artist
The workshop
Inside the workshop
The gas kiln
The raku kiln
The artist

The artist

Its more than a decade that I’m involved in Ceramic Art. I started ceramics classes in Live Cities, a non profit organization in Athens and continued with a plethora of seminars and workshops along side with a lot of experiments and studies from the international bibliography.

Starting from 2017, my artwork is exhibitited every year in the annual Ceramics Art Exhibition in Athens.

I teach handbuilding and wheel throwing and run workshops in alternative firings (raku, naked raku, saggar, obvara etc), as well as advanced techniques.

From 2019 I share my living between Athens and Corfu, where I created a second ceramics studio with a gas fired kiln.

I love contemporary ceramics forms as well as I love traditional techniques from around the world. I love and work in technology too, I play and write music with my synthesizers, I run as president and CEO a non profit organization for culture, and I dream and act for a better world.

With all above in my head, its inevitable for my works in ceramics to be mostly conceptual. In addition, as a Greek, I try to include a touch of ancient or modern Greece, both in my sculptures and in my utilitarian ceramics.

The workshop

The workshop

The workshop is located in Kavalouri village in Northern Corfu,  on your way to Roda. Look in the map included in ‘Contact’ page.

All the nessesary equipment and all kinds of materials is here to create anything i can imagine.

Inside the workshop

Inside the workshop

The fundamentals: A large table, the slab roller, the pottery wheel, the kilns, music, warmness and good lightning. All clays and materials are ‘hidden’ in cabinets.

I am still working to organize it,  its new, just moved from Athens…

The gas kiln

The gas kiln

For my new workshop I decided to use a gas kiln. This type of kiln can be used to achieve reduction enviroment, in which many chinese, japanese and contemporary glaze recipes mature.

You can see the fire rising from the holes in the bottom of the kiln.

The raku kiln

The raku kiln

A DIY kiln with ceramic fiber inside. I took into account every detail to make it functional and portable.

Handles, wheels, seperates in two pieces, the lid is tall enough so when I open the kiln I can grab the pieces more easily.

In shop

I accept orders for high quality stoneware pottery sets for class restaurants and unique ceramic sculptures in any scale. Please feel free to drop a call or send an email.

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